iRobot® Braava jet® m6
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Cleaning Performance.Messes don't stick around.Ultimate Braava® Robot Mop with Precision Jet Spray, helps tackle sticky messes, grime*, and kitchen grease.*Tested in spot clean mode. vSLAM®️ navigation.Guided by serious smarts.Patented iAdapt® 3.0 Navigation with vSLAM® technology allows the robot to seamlessly navigate and efficiently mop and sweep your floors. Imprint® Smart Mapping: Clean and Schedule by Room.Learns, maps, and adapts to your home.Imprint® Smart Mapping enables the robot to learn, map and adapt to your home, allowing you to control which rooms are cleaned and when. Patented Smart Charge and Resume enables your robot to intelligently recharge for the amount of time needed to continue cleaning and get the job done."Braava® , clean my kitchen."Knows your kitchen from your living room. Choose which rooms are cleaned and when in the iRobot® HOME App. Enjoy hands-free control with Alexa and Google Assistant.Amazon, Echo, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Google Home is a trademark of Google LLC.Keeps getting smarter.Every new robot mop comes equipped with advanced hardware capable of providing the intelligent features you love today, and acess to our latest advancements in the future-through software updates designed to improve functionality over time. Maximized-Edge Design and Coverage.Gets into corners and along edges.Maximized-Edge Design gets into corners and along edges. Cleans under furniture and in other hard-to-reach places.Ideal for multiple rooms and large spaces.Cleans finished hard floors including hardwood, tile, and stone. Home Base: Recharge and Resume.Heads home to charge up.Automatically recharges and resumes until the cleaning job is complete. Simple to use.Step 1: Attach a Braava®  jet Cleaning Pad.Easy to use. Attach a Braava ® jet Cleaning Pad and the robot automatically selects the cleaning mode.Step 2. Fill the tank.Add water. For long-lasting, fresh scent, use Braava  jetTM Hard Floor Cleaning Solution. Compatible with all Braava®  Robot Mops.Step 3. Just press CLEAN.Clean floors and a fresh home, every day. Wet Mopping pads feature wicking fibers and help break-up sticky messes, grime*, and kitchen grease. Dry Sweeping pads use electrostatic force to capture dirt, dust and pet hair.*Tested in spot clean mode. Keep out Zones and Imprint®️ Link Technology.Steer Clear Of Objects.Keep Out Zones allow you to clean with added control, actively avoiding the areas you tell it not to go. Create virtual boundaries that keep your robot cleaning where you want it to, and away from where you don’t.Tag, you're it!Imprint®️ Link Technology allows Braava jet®️ m6 and Roomba®️  i7/s9 robots to automatically clean in sequence-vacuuming and then mopping.|What's in the Box:iRobot® Braava jet® m6 Robot Mop1 Charging Dock1 Dock Tray1 North American Line Cord2 Single-Use Wet Mopping Pad2 Single-Use Dry Sweeping Pad4oz. Cleaning Solution Sample BottleSpecifications:Retail box Dimensions: 5.07 x 15.15 x 19.48Box Weight: 11 lbs.Robot Weight: 4.85 lbs.Robot Dimensions: 10.6 inches width x 3.5 inches highBattery Type: Lithium IonThe iRobot limited warranty shall not apply to failures or problems which are caused by products or equipment not authorized by iRobot Corporation.Robot products purchased in North America are intended for use in North America only. Both the 60-day, money-back guarantee and the limited warranty are void if products are used outside North America.|iRobot® Braava jet® m SeriesQ. How is the Braava jet m6 different than the Braava jet 240? A. The Braava jet® m6 Robot Mop is intended for large, whole home mopping and sweeping, whereas the Braava jet® 240 is intended for smaller spaces, like the bathroom and kitchen. Like the Roomba i and s series robots, Braava jet m6 uses Imprint™ Smart Mapping to get to know the home's floor plan, giving users total control to choose which rooms are cleaned and when. And because Braava jet m6 is Wi-Fi connected, users can schedule the robot via the iRobot HOME app or initiate a cleaning mission with voice control when the robot is paired with Alexa™ enabled devices or the Google Assistant. Equipped with a Home Base, Braava jet m6 will automatically recharge, as needed, and continue cleaning until the job is complete. Like the Braava jet 240, the Braava jet m6 features wet mopping and dry sweeping modes. In wet mopping mode, users can add Braava jet Hard Floor Cleaning Solution to add a long-lasting fresh scent. In dry sweeping mode, the dry sweeping pad uses electrostatic force to capture dirt, dust and (pet) hair.The Braava jet m6 also supports Imprint Link™ Technology which enables these robots to intelligently communicate with the Roomba s or i series to deliver an extra level of clean by automatically vacuuming then mopping, just the way a human would. Q. What is Imprint™ Smart Mapping?A: Imprint™ Smart Mapping technology describes the robot’s ability to learn, map and adapt to your home. Braava jet® m6 learns your floorplan as it cleans and remembers this map for future cleaning jobs – this enables the robot to determine the best way to clean based on the orientation of each room, furniture placement, etc. Once the robot has learned your space and you have labeled your rooms, your Smart Map also enables you to direct Roomba to clean a specific room, multiple rooms, or an entire level of your home all from the iRobot HOME App.Q. How does Braava jet® m6 build its Smart Map and know your rooms?A. Braava jet® m6 builds a map of the area each time it starts a new cleaning job. After cleaning the same space a few times, the robot produces a Smart Map that you can customize in the iRobot HOME App. You can merge, split and label rooms as you see fit. After that, you can even set a schedule so that the Braava jet® m series cleans certain rooms on specific days at certain times, or an entire level of your home on the days you choose.Q. What is Imprint Link™ Technology and how does it work?A. Imprint Link™ Technology enables robots to intelligently communicate with each other – working in sequence to get the job done. With Imprint Link™ Technology, the Roomba i and s series work together with Braava jet m series to deliver an extra level of clean by automatically vacuuming then mopping, just the way a human would. You can initiate an automated sequential cleaning in the iRobot HOME App, where you have the option to choose specific rooms for the robots to clean or choose the whole home. The Roomba i or s series will first go out and vacuum the selected area. Once the Roomba successfully completes the job, Braava jet m6 will leave its dock and begin mopping. Q. How does m6 utilize Wet Mopping and Dry Sweeping pads?A. Attach a Braava jet cleaning pad and the Robot automatically selects the appropriate cleaning method for the pad. Wet Mopping pads feature wicking fibers to help break-up kitchen grease, grime*, and sticky messes. When Wet Mopping pads are attached, Precision Jet Spray loosens dirt and sticky messes without spraying furniture, rugs, or walls. Add Braava jet™ Hard Floor Cleaner for a long-lasting, fresh scent. Dry Sweeping pads use electrostatic force to capture dirt, dust, and pet hair.  *Tested in Spot Clean mode