J.MOSUYA 4Pack Flourish Lama Multi Purpose Nano Gel Pads for Car Holder GPS Sticky Mat Cell Phone Wall Hold
Código: B075XRMJ8S

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Color: Black


  • Amazingly Cohesive: sticky gel pads, spent 7 years to complete the Nano Technolgy, do not need any glue or nails, use as long as a light rejection,toss lightly, can stick to any place, even when the surface is not flat
  • Various Purposes of Use: not only for mobile phone or car hold, but also for all aspects in life, such as kitchen, office, living room, cable, potted, tool etc; especisally effective to remove the pet hair, dust on clothing and computers
  • Quality Material: This is made of rubber nano gel pad of good quality, soft and malleable, when the temperature reaches 100 degrees C, there is no case of melting or deformation, Do not have to worry about tearing off, the glue will not make the above, after water clean can be cycling used
  • Advantage: Compared with silica gel, it is stronger, flexible and reslient, good temperature resistance, can meet the needs of different places, No stimulation to human body, Environmental pollution free, use clean water repeatedy to clean and use again,and return to nature. You can take it for family even travel
  • Package: 2PCS Flourish Lama Nano rubber sticker and 2PCS gel pads, enough for you to apply them for different purposes

Publisher: J.MOSUYA

Various purposes of use: These anti-slip gel pads are very useful in our daily life, you can stick to any place, even when the surface is not flat, such as ipad, camera, keys, mirrors, coffee cup and cell phone stand, car hold for phone

Product description:
Material: rubber nano gel pad
Function: Mult Purpose gel pad sticky
Color: Black
4 PCS Package Include:
Stripe Gel Pad x 1PCS (15*3*0.5 cm)
Bone Gel Pad x 1PCS (13.5*5.5*0.35 cm)
Round Gel Pad x 1PCS (8*8*0.2 cm)
Rectangle Gel Pad x 1PCS (7.5*6.4*0.28 cm)

1.The gel pad has a strong sticky, but if you are holding the object is really heavy, you should use multiple gel pads to safely hold the surface of your object
2.Another factor that affects the sticky gel pad is the surface type and shape of the object that you want to stick to
3.Do not expose them to the sun directly for a long time.

UPC: 191868797239

EAN: 191868797239

Package Dimensions: 6.9 x 3.9 x 0.1 inches