Lunies Disposable Cover Mask with Sponge Mat and Magic Sticks Replacement for H-T-C Vive VR Virtual Reality Headset - Prevent Eye Infections White (100PCS)
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Brand: Lunies

Color: 100pcs-TypeA


  • VR ONLY:This new version face mark is special designed for HTC VIVE VR Headset only.
  • HIGH QUALITY FABRICS:Face cover use medical non-woven fabrics as raw materials,Effectively prevent sweat, oils get through into the foam, avoid breeding of bacteria,stink.Thus provide better protection for your VR.
  • NO ANNOYING CLEANING:Compared to the original foam, one of its advantage is that you can always replace, rather than wipe them with alcohol cotton after each used.In fact,it is more cleaner than use alcohol and more hygienic.
  • NO MORE WORRY ABOUT SHARING:No more worry about sharing your VR to others again.This face pad is suitable for VR experience store,people who often sharing VR with friend or people who easy to sweat,grease.The non-woven fabrics can keeps the sweat and oils off. Therefore,no bacterial growth, no skin infections, no stinking smell
  • INSTRUCTIONS:Replace your VR foam with the our foam and face cover.(1x Sponge Mat,100 x Disposable face covers,6xVelcro)

Publisher: Lunies

Details: More and more people use VR to play games,Familys or friends may sharing a VR when playing games.
But this is likely to cause skin infections.Sweat and grease penetrate into the foam easily lead to odor.
How to solve this problem?This is what we do.
We use a replacement foam with disposable mask.
We use medical non-woven fabrics as raw materials.keep the sweat and oils there is no skin infections and can always use a new one every time.No more worry about the sweat and sharing your VR.
Say goodbye to wipe your VR with alcohol cotton,come and get your convenient foam.

Package Include:
1x Sponge Mat
100 x Disposable face covers
6xmagic sticks

Package Dimensions: 10.0 x 6.1 x 2.8 inches