XTPower XT-20000QC2 PowerBank modern DC/USB battery with 20400mAh - 5V USB and exit for 12 to 24V
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Brand: XTPower

Color: 20400mAh DC/2xUSB


  • You are looking for a modern and super flexible battery? Then choose the Power Bank XT-20000 by XTPower! The all-rounder, the battery XT-20000 - at just 0.85in. thickness and 0.98lb this simple and timeless designed Power Bank combines all the features you can expect from a high-quality power bank.
  • This powerful battery has a capacity of 20400mAh and has three outputs, one of which is optimized for the laptop and two other for USB compatible devices. One of the two USB outputs if for fast charge and thus allows up to 75% faster charging your compliant devices.
  • Flexibility in charging the Power Bank. You can charge your energy storage using either a USB power supply via the micro USB input or the DC input to a power supply (13-20V). A full charge with the included power supply can be reached within 3 hours.
  • The rugged, high-performance lithium-ion cells provide high quality and therefore extended battery life. Naturally the Power Bank XT-20000 provides an overcharge, discharging and a short circuit protection.
  • Product details that will convince you: Capacity: 20400mAh (3.7V) / 75,5Wh), three outputs for USB (5V) USB Standard & fast charge (5V, 9V, 12V) and laptop with 12V, 16.5V, 19V, 20V or 24V 50 watt (65W max). The clear LCD display informs you with the most important performance of the Power Bank. This is the Power Bank for you home, travel and business.

Publisher: XTPower

Details: Modern and flexible, the XT-20000

During operation and charging of mobile devices this power bank is very versatile. Two USB ports can charge or operate phone, tablet, and many other devices. Even modern fast charge compliant devices can be loaded up to 75% faster at the corresponding output of the Power Bank as the conventional USB devices. A circular socket and the included adapters make the Power Bank to a specialist for devices with input voltages from 12V to 24V. The continuous load of 50 watts and 65 watts in the top allows the operation and the charging function of many mobile devices.

Battery-Technology: Lithium Iion 75.5 Wh
- Capacity: 20400 mAh / 3, 7 V
- Life expectancy: min. 500 charging cycles
Input DC Input Jack
- Input Jack: 5.5 x 2.1 mm
- Charging: 13-20 V max. 3A (approximately 30W)
- Complete charge: 3 hours at 20V 1.5A from 0 to 100%
Input Micro USB
- Connector: Micro-USB
- Charging: 5V max. 2.1A (approximately 10W)
- Full charge: approx 3 hours from 0 to 100% with included power adapter
Output DC
- Voltage: 12V, 16.5V, 19V, 20V 24V up to 50W continuous, 65W max.
- Function: voltage selectable via pushbutton
- Dimensions DC output jack: 5.5 x 2.1mm
Output USB
- USB 1 standard and fast charge: USB 5V 2.1A / 9V 2A / 12V 2A
- USB 2: 1x USB 5V 2.1A
Working temperature
- charging: 32 - 113°F / 0 - 45 ° C
- Operating: 32 - 140°F / 0 - 60 ° C
Dimensions and weight
- L x W x H: 6.9 x 3 x 0.85 in. / 174 x 78 x 21,5 mm
- Weight: 0.98 lb / 450 g

Power Bank XT-20000
Power Adapter
Car charger
DC cable for connecting to a laptop with 78.8in / 2m
Set of 8 adapters illustrated laptop connection types
Micro-USB charging cable

EAN: 4250637212598

Package Dimensions: 8.2 x 7.7 x 2.1 inches